Week 10: Black and White Darkroom Workshop (Saturday Outing)

Photo: Ross Bray

Date: Saturday, 1st October 2011
Time: 930am – 2:00pm
Location: Meet at Blanco Negro

Attention all film shooters! This weekend we are heading down once again to the awesome darkroom, the one and only Blanco Negro.

As the name of the shop denotes Black and White, or rather White and Black, this workshop is only for developing and printing black and white photos. If you have any rolls of black and white film, register and come down this weekend to watch the magic happen as your prints appear before your eyes.

We will be doing developing AND printing. If you have a roll that has already been developed, just bring it along and we’ll guide you step by step on how to make your own prints.

As the venue is small, we are taking a very small amount of registrants for this event. The cost for supplies is just $10 per person, heaps less than what one would pay for developing film elsewhere.

Register now Here! 

Open to UNSW PhotoClub members only. Please remember to bring your membership cards for identification!

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