Week 4: Lighting Theory and Newtown Photowalk

Hello members!

Have you submitted your entries for the 2011 Photobook Competition, or registered for the upcoming PhotoDASH! 1.5? Or even heard the news that registrations for the first Model Shoot of this semester will open in the next few days?

We’ve got so many things going on, and that’s not even including our weekly events yet!

What is going on for this week then, you ask? Look below to find out :)

Lighting Theory (aka Light and You) (Friday)

Date: Friday, 12th August 2011

Time: 4:00PM – 6:00PM

Location: Lecture Theatre M10, Chemical Sciences Building

The word photography is based on the Greek φῶς (photos) "light" and γραφή (graphé) "drawing". At its root meaning, photography is "drawing with light".

This Friday, we will explore light itself, and look at how to use it effectively and creatively.

We will cover material on: - Describing light (Size, Direction, Colour temperature) - How to use white balance - Typical lighting situations - Types of light sources (includes using a flash) - How light changes throughout the day - Getting creative with lighting - Common mistakes and how to fix them!

If you have any specific requests/situations you find tricky when it comes to photography and lighting, just write it down on the Facebook event event wall. We’ll do our best to include them in the tutorial!

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Newtown Photowalk
Date: Saturday, 13th August 2011
Time 10:00AM - 1:00PM
Location: Meet outside Newtown Train Station
For this photowalk, we will be walking along some of the streets of Newtown, doing some street and graffitti photography~ We will then head over to the Eveleigh Markets and Carriageworks, before ending our walk at Sydney University.
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All events are open to UNSW PhotoClub members only. Please remember to bring your membership cards for identification!