Week 2 Workshop

With week one’s high attendance for the workshop, the exec team took on week two with high pressure 😛 We were initially apprehensive, but you guys surprised us again!

This time around, the team brought the members out of the classroom and actually did a hands-on experiment with their gears! The photographic evidence will show you that members really enjoyed it, and our Photoclub team were equally pleased with the result!

Club of Smiles :):):)

Bringing members out of the lecture theatre for some hands-on experience!

Adam giving advises 🙂

Adam and his weapon!

Peter sharing his tips.

Such a big group of photography enthusiasts.

Learning a lot more about their own cameras.

The Nikon gang.

Applying what was learnt in tutorial!

I’m sure friendship were strengthened, and new friends made 🙂

Once again, the turnout of this workshop pleasantly surprised us! We hope you learnt a great deal of how and what you can do with your camera, and subsequently produce even better work! From deep down within, we are grateful for the support and faith you have in the club.

In subsequent tutorials, we promise to deliver only the BEST (and nothing else)!

Have an awesome weekend 🙂