Four things you should take very close notice of:

1. Annual Photobook Competition. Keep those submissions coming in, and very attractive prizes can be won! Details here.

2. Floriade Canberra Trip. After Clarissa and her team’s meticulous planning, and all of your enthusiasm and support, the trip is this coming weekend! Those of you who registered must be as excited as we are! Notifications will be sent out very shortly to give you further details! Keep your eyes on the mailbox!

3. Model Workshop #2! I’m sure a lot of you out there are looking forward to this workshop, especially those who missed it the previous session. Your chance is TONIGHT! Details will be posted right here on, and registrations will take place at 10pm tonight. Note that no emails will be sent out. First in best dressed!

4. Car shoot! For most boys out there, this might be the long-awaited shoot that you are waiting for! Mark down 16th of October, it’s the car shoot with!

So many upcoming events! Just blogging about it makes me excited! You are in for a ball of time with UNSW PHOTOCLUB! :D:D