UNSW PhotoClub AGM – Electing New Execs for 2010/2011

UNSW PhotoClub’s AGM (Annual General Meeting) is coming soon. It is scheduled on 13th August 2010 (Friday), 4.00pm at G11, School of Materials Science and Engineering. YOU ARE STRONGLY ADVISED TO ATTEND THE AGM. PLEASE RSVP VIA EMAIL. Before we go any further, do consider your outstanding commitments before running for the 2010/2011 Executive Committee. The future and the success of the UNSW PhotoClub depends on your level of commitment. Who you vote for also matters. So please vote wisely!

You are welcomed to nominate yourself or a friend for a position. You have to submit your nominations via EMAIL by 3.00pm on Friday, 13th August 2010. You will not be allowed to nominate yourself during the AGM. If you are nominated but not show at the AGM, your nomination will be declared null and void.

Should you wish to become part of the new executive team for 2010/2011, you might want to consider the following pointers. You are required to make a speech (3-5 mins) about your goals and objectives and why should they vote for you.

-Why do you want to be the (position) of PhotoClub?
-What is your aim for PhotoClub?
-How do you think you can contribute to the development of PhotoClub?
-Are you able to commit time to the PhotoClub regardless of your study/work schedule?

The positions available for the 2010/2011 Executive Committee are:

I) President (Nicholas CHEE)
– To lead the club, ensuring it functions effectively.

II) Vice-President (Clarissa LUM – Assisted by Alfred TJEN)
– To assist the president and oversee all Executive Committee taskings.

III) Secretary (Irene CHEW & Renny TOH)
– In charge of all official correspondence to members and scribe during meetings.

IV) Treasurer (Albert YU)
– Custodian of all club funds and to keep the Executive Committee advised of the club’s financial condition.

V) Arc Officer (Darren Alvares)
– Liaison between the club and Arc.

VI) Marketing & Public Relations Manager (William LEE)
– To oversee Marketing & Public Relations Executives. To ensure club fulfills obligations with sponsors.

VII) Public Relations Executive (Rebecca KHUNNITHI & Jessica LEE)
– Liaison between the club and Tri-Alliance. Coordinate joint activities with other Arc affiliated clubs.

VIII) Marketing Executive (Kelvin MUI, Iris CAI, Letty LIM, Gabriel KALKBRENNER & Andrew MCINTYRE)
– Liaison between the club and current sponsors. To seek additional sponsorships.

IX) Webmaster (Timothy ONG)
– Maintains club website.