Christopher Cunio (President)

Christopher is a Medical Science Honours student and will commence Medicine in 2020. He likes travel photography and enjoys experimenting with depth of field as well as more recently a greater emphasis on long exposures. In particular he enjoys photographing water, snow and planes! He loves dogs although he doesn’t have any pets! And he’s always happy to answer any questions people have!

Michelle Wu (Vice-President & Treasurer)

Michelle is a third year commerce student who does mostly travel and landscape photography. She also loves cats, reptiles and dinosaurs. Her favourite things to do on weekends are reading novels in bed and occasionally watching Masterchef.

Ngy Chung (Secretary)

Ngy is a third year Commerce students, majoringin Management. He likesnight, and landscape photography. Right now, he is taking a break from landscape and has startedexploring more on portrait photography. He is very chill and enjoysmeeting new people and talkingabout photography together.

Wales Lin (Arc Delegate)

Wales is a Second Year Computer Science student. He got into photography after a friend suggested they both ask for DSLR’s for Christmas of 2016 and go shooting together. Ever since he has fallen in love with taking pictures and loves to do it during semester breaks. He prefers to shoot landscape and astro photography and is keen to get better at portraits. Travelling is his second favourite thing after photography because it allows him to take even more photos 🙂

Stephanie Leung (Marketing Manager)

Stephanie is a third year construction management student. She loves Minimalism and she basically shoots everything as long as she feels like it’s worth capturing. Apart from photography, she also likes to play badminton, ice-skate and watch movies. Friends is her favourite TV series and she wishes she could be as cool as Phoebe.

Ted (Events Manager)

Ted is a third year Actuarial student with an interest in architectural and still life photography. He’ll often space out and trip over himself or bite his own tongue when he gets too excited talking about gross Japanese Animes ( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°). He can usually be found near the business school huffing on dank memes. If you want to talk about memes, otaku stuff, games or movie series, he’s your all-rounded nerd.

Harry Gougousidis (Communications Manager)

Harry is a third year Computer/Biomedical Engineering student. His photographic journey began backwards; starting with photo manipulation in Photoshop, inspiring him to explore photography itself. He loves to try and incorporate more unconventional photographic techniques, often unsuccessfully.

James Tan (General Executive – Community Engagement & Jobs Manager)

James is a second year studying a Bachelor of Aviation (Management), so guess what –he likes planes!If u see someone looking up while walking in the uni mall, it’s probs James so say hi!

Izzaldin Soerono (Junior Executive – Community Engagement Coordinator & Competitions Coordinator)

Izzaldin is a second-year Commerce student. He would usually take wildlife and landscape photos during his many travels, though he is exploring new areas like street and sports photography. In his free time, Izzaldin would usually hit the gym, play social table tennis, or watch a variety of TV series from Brooklyn Nine-Nine and Friends to Patriot Act and Rick and Morty. Make sure to say hi when you see him!

Taha Taqi (Junior Executive – Coverage Coordinator)

Taha is a first year engineering student who likes travelling and exploring new places. In regards to photography, he’s really passionate about landscapes and long exposures. Apart from that, he’s into film making(he has his own YouTube channel too, you never know you might catch him vlogging some day on campus lol), soccer, hiking and cliff jumping. He likes meeting new people so feel free to have a chat with him, he’ll be more than happy to do so!

Nishant Bhagat (Junior Executive – Instagram & Community Engagement Coordinator)

Nishant (Nish) is pursuing a Bachelors in Mechatronics Engineering(3rd year). He got into photography when he accidentally took a decent photo of a tree which was ignored by him for years. He loves street and architecture photography, and he is happy to share that knowledge. If you want tips on long exposure then don’t hesitate to talk to him. Fun fact about him: Nishtook Mechatronics because he is a huge fan of Ironman.

Aniket Chavan (Junior Executive – Design Coordinator)

Aniket is a first year student earning his Bachelor of Computer Science. He loves low-light photography, in particular night-time photography but he’s constantly changing things up and experimenting. His aim in photography is to capture every angle which calls out to him, in whichever obscure area it might be. Apart from photography his loves are programming, listening to music, and playing Auto-chess.

Shadab Basit (Junior Executive – Photosynthesis Coordinator)

Shadab is a 1st year studying Actuarial Studies/Commerce. His passion for photography was brought by his love of travelling the globe, therefore, naturally he is a keen landscape and travel photographer. During times when he isn’t busy clicking away, Shadab enjoys meeting new people and sharing experiences, playing soccer with his mates and catching up on all the latest gadgets. If you see him around come and say hi,he loves to have a chat!

Clarence Feng (Junior Executive – Event Photographer)

Clarence studies Science and Computer Science and is currently in his second year. He enjoys trying all forms of photography, but he prefers street photography. When he’s not snapping pics, he likes to read, generally muck about and discuss really hot takes. His favourite books are Norwegian Wood and A Brief History of Time.

Chloe Fong (Junior Executive)

Chloe is a second-year Law/Commerce student. She likes taking portraits a lot. She finds it really fulfilling when her friends like the pictures she takes for them. She enjoys travel photography and exploring new places as well. Apart from photography, she will bake and craft at her leisure. 🙂

Vishnu Nair (Junior Executive)

Vishnu is a first year postgraduate student majoring in Mechanical Engineering. He likes nature, event, wildlife and landscape photography. He is looking forward to pursuing fast paced motion and sports photography as well in the future. He took to photography seriously when he clicked a random photo way back in 2017 and was amazed at it and the features it showcased. He loves solo trips as he gets to interact with different people on the way. Vishnu is always ready to talk about sports and is a chilled out person.

Cyrus Chung (Junior Executive)

Cyrus is a first year aviation management student. He started taking casual snapshots when he was a kid and got really into photography after he joined his high school’s photographic team. He shoots a wide range of topics,but particularly loves street, landscape and travel photography;his aim is to capture the profound moment. Apart from photography he also loves music,is a member of the uni orchestra and was a chorister.

Anson Yip (Junior Executive)

Anson is a first year student in Information Systems who likes landscape and travel photography, basically because he loves travelling. Besides photography, he also picked up videography when he was in high school. Should you wish to know more about time-lapse, please feel free to talk to him.