Themed Competition: Emotions

Emotions ~ Emotions are what make us human, you can be happy, sad, angry, confused and a whole number of others all at once. This challenge is to capture an emotion, shown through a still image. Think about how you can change the environment or setting to suit the atmosphere, as well as color and tone. Maybe […]

O-Week Competition: Seasons

We’re all still trying to overcome the onset of post-holiday sadness! ~ This challenge is asking you to get creative and submit photos that you’ve taken during the holidays that you feel represent one of the four seasons: summer, autumn, winter, spring. Please add #UNSWPCSEASONS to the description of your submission. Some Tips and Hints from […]

Hoodie Design Competition

This year, UNSW PhotoClub is running a hoodie design competition. We’re inviting you to come up with a design to feature on a hoodie that will be produced by PhotoClub for everyone! The design does not have to adhere to a particular theme to encourage more creative designs! With that in mind, please note that […]