Week 4!

Hi PhotoClubber! The mid-semester break is almost here! The UNSW PhotoClub management team wishes you a happy Easter break! This week: Monthly Photo Competition: Time This month’s challenge is “Time”. There are many ways to evoke time in your photos, ranging from showing the passing of time to capturing something frozen in time. Capture a […]

Challenge 8: Textures

The Brief: TEXTURES Different textures can evoke a variety of thoughts and feelings. Show us how you capture textures in your photographs. Please add #UNSWTXT to the top of your description Competition dates: 18th of September 2014 to 23rd of September 2014 at 23:59* Winning Entries

Challenge 7: Childhood Memories

Hello Photoclubbers! We hope you had a great week and are ready for this week’s challenge! This week’s challenge is: Childhood Memories ~ There are moments in time that you will remember no matter how old you get. Some of these memories happen in your childhood. We would like you to capture the moments or activities that reflect that memory. Please add #UNSWPCMEM to the top of […]