O-Week Competition: Seasons

We’re all still trying to overcome the onset of post-holiday sadness! ~ This challenge is asking you to get creative and submit photos that you’ve taken during the holidays that you feel represent one of the four seasons: summer, autumn, winter, spring. Please add #UNSWPCSEASONS to the description of your submission. Some Tips and Hints from […]

Monthly Challenge 4: Dotty

Let’s play dot-to-dot! ~ This challenge is asking you to experiment with dots! Okay, not literal dots, but anything vaguely resembling dots or circles. They can be either physical and obvious or subtle. Experiment with your surroundings or props! Connect the dots to creativity! Please add #UNSWPCDOTTY to the description of your submission Some Tips and Hints […]

Monthly Challenge 3: Creatively Lit

We hope you all had an awesome break and are ready for the very first challenge of the semester. This month’s challenge is: Creatively Lit. ~ Lighting is one of the key elements of photography, and an interesting use of light can often kick it up a notch. Whether it’s light painting, illuminated landscape or […]

Monthly Challenge 2 2017!

Hello PhotoClubbers! We hope you all have recovered from mid-sems and assignments and are ready to get back to shooting! This time we want to challenge you with something more abstract. ~ Silence often creates a sense of tranquillity, but can also be provoking at times. Capture a moment when silence becomes tangible to you, […]

Monthly Challenge 1 2017!

Hello PhotoClubbers! Needing something to keep you busy in the early weeks of the semester? Well, we are giving you a challenge, to hone your photographic eye. Lines, they are the fundamental element to all visual compositions, creating forms and leading focus. They can be physical and prominent or they can be subtle and suggestive. […]