Week 2 – Fashion Photography

Events! Week 2 Tutorial: Fashion Photography W/ Guest Speaker Week 2 Outing: PhotoDash – Sign up Week 3 Tutorial: Videography Week 3 Outing: Studio Shoot If you have not signed up on SpArc, login to your account here. Ensure you join both our Facebook page and Facebook group Week 2 Tutorial: Fashion Photography Date: 27/09/2019 Time: 4:00pm – 5:30pm Location: Chemical Sciences M11 Points of Contact: 1. Ted: +61 […]

Themed Challenge: Campus Life

Themed Challenge: Campus Life You’ve taken photos of the spectacular architecture on campus; you’ve also explored the cool winter sceneries around the university. But the campus does not feel alive without the people, interactions, and activities that happen in it. For our third team-up with UNSW this year, this is exactly what we are looking for! – […]

Week 1 – Landscape Photography

Events! Week 1 Tutorial: Landscape PhotographyWeek 1 Outing: Milsons Point to Mrs Macquarie’s Chair w/ Arc Goes ToWeek 2 Tutorial: Fashion Photography W/ Guest SpeakerWeek 2 Outing: PhotoDashWeek 3 Tutorial: VideographyWeek 3 Outing: Studio Shoot Apologies for the more frequent emails, there’s so many opportunities right now at the start of term! Don’t worry, this will all die down soon to usually 1 email per week. As always, […]

External Comp

Hey PhotoClubbers! We’ve received the below email and would love to share the opportunity with you: We’re looking for talented university students who are photographers, videographers or content creators to enter our competition with a major smartphone brand launching in Australia next month.  The students will have the chance to win prizes including: The 10 […]